Air Conditioning


Preventative maintenance
Protect your warranty. Manufacturers require that your units are routinely

  • Protect your asset.
  • Maintain your unit efficiency. Dirty coils and filters result in inefficient operation.
  • Prevent costly repairs. Dirty filters for example results in lack of air flow which could result in compressor damage.
  • Remember a well maintained unit will ensure comfortable conditions throughout the year.

We suggest that you service your unit at least 6 monthly to get the best results.



We are specialist Split System Airconditioner installers in Brisbane, Australia.

We can provide you with free quotations regarding any Installation you require for your property.

We can also supply good quality air conditioning units with our Installations.

Air Conditioning installation price list:

  • Split system install 2.2kw-3.5kw $600
  • Split system install 4kw-8kw $700

*Price is based on a back to back install with a maximum of 3m pipe run downwards.Additions:

  • $40 per meter of pipe
  • $50 wall brackets

Ducted air conditioner:

  • Onsite quote required.



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