Electrical Services installed throughout Brisbane by one of our friendly electricians.

Eyewire Electrical are your number one electrician in Brisbane.  Our team of professional and fully experienced master electricians are on hand to help with any residential, commercial or industrial services in the Brisbane area.

Power Points & Light Switches

The key to getting the lighting requirements right throughout your domestic residence is knowing the lighting effects of each individual room.  The bedroom will need a dimmed and softer light to create a cozy feeling while the reading room for example, will need far brighter lighting.

Your dining place is another specialist area that your fully qualified electricians at Eyewire Electrical know only too well will require the facility to adapt to different settings.  One night you may be planning a candlelight dinner for two where you will be looking for a romantic lighting effect.  The next evening you may have your work colleagues over for a cup of coffee and will need different setting altogether.  This is where expertly installed dimmer switches give you the option of enjoying a wide range of lighting effects with a single switch.

When it comes to getting excellent lighting effects in your home what you need is reliability and skill from your electrician.  In Brisbane you will find that in abundance with Eyewire Electricals team of fantastic, knowledgeable and time served, skilled Electricians.  Installing different types of power switches and dimmer switches to meet your individual requirements along with  power point replacement/installation, whether standard or weatherproof, these are just a couple of areas of their electrical expertise.

Security Lighting

Eyewire Electrical are also specialists in providing you with lighting products that will help you sleep much easier in bed at night.  Well placed security sensor lights are an excellent deterrent to potential thieves.  These lights make your home far more visible and definitely ensure you will feel more secure in your property.  Positioned at the front and back entrance points, the sides of the house and at the gates and garage these amazing sensor lights will ensure your home is far less of a target.  They are also a wise economic choice due to the fact that they only come on when needed.  Other great economical LED lighting products that can be supplied to Brisbane domestic and commercial property owners include low voltage down lights which offer great savings.

Ceiling Fans

With the economic downturn people across Brisbane are looking to save money wherever they can.  While you will find online tutorials on how to install ceiling fans, trying this out yourself presents various problems.  Not only is there the risk of carrying out any electrical work where you don’t have years of experience in the safety aspects, you may also not have the tools required which is likely to negate any potential cost savings. Eyewire Electrical are able to provide their customers with extremely cost effective solutions and provide reliable ceiling fan and a range of exhaust fan installations to all

household and commercial premises throughout the Brisbane region.

Elements, Appliances & Systems

Eyewire Electrical are fully prepared to meet your requirements with all your electrical needs and can come out and promptly replace hot water elements, thermostat replacements and oven/cooktop element replacement for any make or model.  You will find them competitive on price, reliable and extremely efficient.

Electrical Safety/Protection

As with all things electrical safety is paramount.  Since the early 1990’s safety switches were deemed to be compulsory for power outlet circuits in new homes throughout Brisbane and Queensland.  This was extended to the light and power circuits in all new builds for most states in Australia since 2000.  The main reason for this is that they save lives by providing a much higher level of protection from electric shock and electrocution. Your master electricians from Eyewire Electrical are the guys you can rely on to supply, install and test your safety switches.

Switch Boards, Submains & New Circuits

It is vitally important to know that older style switchboards are mostly fitted to handle just a few household appliances.  With the advance in technology over the course of time, modern houses now have numerous appliances that are in use on a daily basis.  This causes the old style switchboards to overload as they were not designed to handle much more than just a fridge, oven and washing machine.  This has massive potential to create fire hazards.  It can also cause less deadly but problematic occurrences like frequent power cuts and tripping.

Switchboards have limits.  So if you have extended your commercial or domestic property, added additional power points, lighting, a games room and upgraded with newer electrical equipment and appliances, you may also need to upgrade your switchboard to cope with the extra workload it is being asked to perform.

Eyewire Electrical have a team of master electricians who have been installing electrical switchboard upgrades in Brisbane for over 20 years.  They can visit your property to access your switchboard and can be relied upon to complete any work required to Australian standards, on time and for a price that will be extremely hard to beat.  You can rest assured that all of our modern switchboard installations will come complete with the mandatory safety switches required by Queensland law.

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Domestic Electrical

Repairs, Installations and Service

Power Points & Light Switches;

  • Power Point Replacement From $85.00
  • Power Point Install From $150
  • Light Switch Replacement From $85.00
  • Weatherproof Power Point replacement From $110.00
  • Weatherproof Power Point install From $200-250


  • Sensor Lights From $190.00 
  • Low voltage Down Lights $140.00 first point $75.00 per point after
  • Fluorescent Lights From $120.00 
  • Pendants From $140.00
  • Smoke Alarms From $120.00


  • Ceiling Fans From $180.00
  • Bathroom Heat Lamp/Exhaust Fan(IXL) From $250.00
  • Exhaust Fans From $140.00

Elements, Appliances & Systems

  • Hot Water Element Replacement $150.00
  • Hot Water Thermostat Replacement $150
  • Oven/Cooktop Element Replacement From $160.00

Electrical Safety/Protection

  • Safety Switches From $140.00
  • Surge Protection From $180.00
  • Safety Certificates From $160.00
  • Safety Switch Tests From $85.00

Switch Boards, Submains & New Circuits

  • Switchboard Upgrades From $700.00
  • Sub Mains From $350.00
  • New Circuits From $200.00
  • House re-wire From $4000.00

Eyewire Services:

  • Lighting
  • Powerpoints
  • Main Switchboard Changes and upgrades
  • Safety Switches
  • Smoke Alarms/Detectors
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Swimming Pool Systems/Pumps
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Surge Arresters
  • House Rewiring
  • Airconditioning Circuits
  • Rangehood Installations
  • Television Antennas and Outlets
  • Telephone Outlets and Installations
  • Data Cabling
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Security Systems
  • Intercomms
  • Energex Meter Changes and Wiring
  • New Home Wiring, and Installations.
  • Safety Reports and Test and Tagging.
  • Commercial/Industrial Electrical – Repairs, Installations and Service

Commercial Electrical:

EyeWire also serves many commercial Clients. Ranging from Restaurants, Small Retailers, to large Three-Phase Factories and Warehouses.

  • Electrical Installations and Services.
  • Airconditioning Installations and Services.
  • Commercial Servicing.
  • Single and 3 – Phase Industrial Motors
  • Testing and Tagging
  • Telecommunications
  • Telephones Outlets
  • Televisions
  • Security Systems
  • Safety Reports
  • Test and Tagging

Data Services

Our scope of work also spans to Data and Telecommunications.

Installations, Repairs and Maintenance of:

  • Telephone outlets and Cabling
  • Television Antennas
  • Television Splitters
  • Pay TV
  • Cable Internet Cabling
  • Data Outlets (Cat5 & Cat6)
  • Data Patch Panels (Cat5 & Cat6)
  • ADSL Main Splitters

Phone/Data/Television Installation

  • Phone point From $100.00
  • Data Point From $120
  • Television point From $120

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